Alloy surcharges 2019 june : Spring steel Strip 1.4310 : 1,56Spring steel strip 1.4310 (increased Mo) : 1,70 Spring steel wire 1.4310 : 1,59Stainless steel strip 1.4301 : 1,38Precision steel strip 1.4301 : 1,66Stainless steel wire 1.4301 : 1,68Precision steel strip 1.4404 : 2,55Stainless steel wire 1.4404 : 2,58


Stahl-Becker supplies the automotive industry with reinforcement wires, especially for interior components.

We accompany the product lifecycle of our customers new products by counseling regarding wire material and coating during the design phase providing sample pieces and the part submission warrant including IMDS entry following our customers release order planning with flexible supplies.

As a matter of course we are certified according to EN ISO 9001:2000.

Products of Stahl-Becker are for example deployed in:
  • sun protection systems
  • luggage cover systems
  • cargo management systems
  • innovative plastic parts

This is what we offer:

  • round and square wire rods in various materials
  • coatings, adapted to the purpose
  • small and medium quantities of more complex wire parts