spring steel wire (patented drawn)

You can order the patented drawn spring steel wire as coils, spools or straightened bars. The standard lengths of the straightened rods are one, two or three meters.
The straightened bars can be cut in length according to your wishes.

Material Code SH (replaces: M4)
Other qualities on request
Material No No number assigned
Data sheet Data sheet spring steel wire, patented drawn (Pdf)
Quality according to BS EN 10270-1 (replaces: BS 5216)
Tolerances according to BS EN 10270-1 and BS EN 10218-2
Dimensions Coils/spools: 0,20 mm to 8,00 mm diameter
bars: approx. 0,50 mm to 16,00 mm diameter
Product coils, spools, straightened bars
Tensile strength (Rm): 1300 - 2940 N/mm2 depending on the diameter of the wire (to find the tensile strength of each diameter please click on the following links)
tensile strength table
tensile strength graphic
Surface matt grey
  • most common quality for springs
  • suitable for tension springs, pressure springs and torsion springs with a high static load and a low dynamic load
  • the E-Modulus is approx. 206 Gigapascal, the shear modulus is approx. 81,5 Gigapascal

information regarding the conversion of tensile strength into other units